Monday, January 5, 2009

Kaburugi Community

Kaburugi is a village situated North West of the town of Thika. The majority of the people who live there belong to the Kikuyu tribe and take great pride in cultivating the land.

The population of Kaburugi is 20,000 approx, c. 5,000 of whom belong to the Catholic Church. Many denominations exist in Kenya, so the majority of the 20,000 inhabitants of Kaburugi claim to be Christian.

The people of Kaburugi are extremely friendly and always have a warm welcoming smile for you. The little that they have they generously share with you when you visit their homes. Within the parish there are many centres containing eight Catholic Churches, two Nursery Schools with the intention of an additional couple of Nursery Schools. The names of the centres within the parish are as follows: Kaburugi, Kawendo, Kiranga, Mahuti, Makindi, Maruka N’gararia and Rukira.

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