Monday, January 5, 2009

Parish Centre

The Little Missionary Sister of Charity came to Kenya in 1979, having the same founder as the Sons of Divine Providence although independent of each other. The Fathers from the English Delegation would visit the sisters to give them retreats. This is where the interest in Kenya began for the Sons of Divine Providence. They realised that there were some possible vocations, the first namely Peter Wambulwa who looks forward to his ordination on November 19th 2005, being the first Kenyan priest within the congregation.

The parish of Kaburugi began in the late 90’s and the Father-in-charge is a priest from Poland called Fr. Marek Krakus. He is assisted by a priest from England called Fr. Malcom Dyer. When they came to Kaburugi, they looked long and hard at the situation and discovered that the greatest need lay among children with disability. Having already built up two Nursery Schools, they began to focus their attentions on the area of Special needs education. As a result the Don Orione Centre began in February of 2005 with many students seeking assessment, but unfortunately only a mere 15 being able to reach the centre on foot or on their mother’s backs. When we reached Kaburugi the Fathers were concentrating on raising funds to buy a bus and would assist a further 35 Special needs kids to reach the centre. While we were there, thankfully it seems as though the funds for the bus has been raised and now the Fathers can concentrate on the grand plan of building a new centre that will contain dormitories and provide proper facilities for the children, enabling various other projects also like counselling and community development.

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